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Inspired By Peace, LLC
Linda L Watermeyer
Kopachuck Drive NW
Gig Harbor, WA
Passionate about showing others to how to live in joy, Linda Watermeyer is an inspirational teacher who is committed to helping her clients make positive changes in their lives. An empathetic facilitator, she sincerely desires to help bring peace and healing to others.

Linda encourages people to live healthier, more joyful lives through her transformational seminars (Reiki classes) and her one-on-one Reiki sessions. She has an easy, down-to-earth manner and an effective approach that has helped countless clients achieve empowering results.

Originally, Linda hadn’t even heard of Reiki, until she saw it performed on a dear friend who was dying of cancer. She saw how it uplifted her friend, and provided pain relief, relaxation, and restorative energy. Linda was fascinated. Because of this event, she felt compelled to become a Western Reiki master as soon as possible and loved teaching Reiki. She then learned the Jikiden Reiki method from Tadao Yamaguchi, a direct lineage holder, and was in love with this method, appreciating the deep meanings and nuances found in the original Japanese tradition of Reiki.

All Reiki is good, and of the light, yet it was the traditional method of Jikiden Reiki, handed down for nearly 80 years, which made sense to her. Linda is now a Shihan, and teaches Shoden and Okuden in the Pacific Northwest. Linda also travels and can bring her classes to your group at your facility.