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Healing Arts Pathways
Lorraine Hendry Meyer
1050 Yorkshire Road
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27106
Healing Arts Pathways is dedicated to bringing the best of all possible healing techniques to our students and clients. Founder, Lorraine Meyer, has learned from, worked with and experienced Reiki, breath work, meditation and more from outstanding teachers from around the world. Her goal is to share their work with you, by either hosting events featuring these Masters, or by sharing what she has learned in private sessions and workshops.

The session work she offers includes, Jikiden Reiki (her teachers, Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter, are the authors of many enlightening works,) Past Life Regression (as learned from Dr. Brian Weiss,) Hypnosis and Breathwork (she trained with Jacquelyn Small, Founder of the Eupsychia Institute in Austin, one of the first in the U.S. to employee Breathwork for use in Psycho-Spiritual transformation) and Akashic Records Reading.

Lorraine is well known for her beautiful and inspirational guided meditations.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art that promotes and awakens the natural healing abilities within each of us. Reiki works to promote self-healing on all levels - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Lorraine has traveled extensively to share Breathwork, including India, Panama, Egypt,Peru and Belize. She is certified by the Eupsychia Institute to facilitate Integrative™ Breathwork which features; music, conscious breathing, and bodywork techniques to free up vast stores of life force energy and connect us to our true Selves. This combination allows you to access and release stored patterns, fears, stress and anxiety.
As a Shihan of Jikiden Reiki® Lorraine is authorized to offer:
Shoden and Okuden Seminars
Reiju-kai, Koryu-kai and Taiken-kai

Lorraine is currently teaching small seminars by REQUEST.
Simply email her at Healing.Arts.Pathways@gmail.com
to begin your Journey on the Jikiden Pathway.
Thank you and Stay Well.