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Jikiden Reiki with Dr. Maria Danilychev
Dr. Maria Danilychev, MD
4420 Hotel Circle Court, Suite 265, San Diego, CA 92108
English, Russian, Italian
Jikiden Reiki sessions and Reiki classes with Dr. Maria Danilychev, M.D., a medical doctor and a Jikiden Reiki Shihan.


MARCH 2021 with Dr. Maria Danilychev
Shoden - March 27 - 28
Okuden - April 4

APRIL 2021 with Dr. Maria Danilychev
Shoden - April 17-18
Okuden - April 25

Learn more at www.sdreiki.com
- Learn how to use Reiki on yourself and to help others
- Small group classes
- Taught by a Medical Doctor
- Experience hands-on practice during each class
- Receive an official Reiki Certification from the Jikiden Reiki Institute upon class completion
- After the training, maintain and grow your Reiki skills by joining us for weekly Koryu-Kai (practice meetings) and monthly Reiju-Kai (practice meetings with Reiju)
- Join our additional classes, where you can learn how to start your own Reiki practice and more