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Learn Jikiden Reiki
Amanda Jayne
Kent, UK
+44 7588 465919
I found Jikiden Reiki while I was living in Japan in 2002 and studied there for several years, with Chiyoko Yamaguchi and then her son, Tadao Yamaguchi.
I was struck by how down-to-earth the family was, their kindness and the years of experience using Reiki they had. Reiki was an everyday thing to them and I wanted to make it so for me too.
In current times, it feels so important for us all to have access to Reiki and tried and tested knowledge on how to use it help ourselves and our family and friends in times of sickness or anxiety. It has been invaluable to me since I first learned in 2002 and I was delighted to become a Daishihan in 2016 so I can now help people learn to teach this incredible natural healing method.

I teach primarily in Kent, UK but also teach in Cornwall and the Midlands. I sometimes travel to teach in places such as Nelson BC, Canada and Venice, Los Angeles, USA.
Learning about Japanese culture has helped me to understand the true nature of Reiki. I have long been fascinated by Japan and in 2009 walked the Shikoku 88 Temples Pilgrimage both to experience the inner journey and to bask in the feeling of the Japanese temples I love so much.

Reiki lies at the heart of our connection with nature and all that is. It is a natural part of living in harmony with our surroundings and as I have practiced it over the years, I have come to appreciate the infinite depth that lies in the simplicity of Jikiden Reiki.

As Chiyoko Yamaguchi used to say - You put your hands on and people feel better.