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Reiki Healing from the Heart NY
Kathie Lipinski
224 Village Green Drive
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Kathie is a Wholistic Nurse, Certified Hypnotist, Jikiden Reiki Shihan and Reiki Master teacher of Western Reiki for 25 years. She is also Board Certified in Bodywork.

Kathie’s many years of practicing and teaching Reiki has given her a wealth of experience to share with her students. Having a traditional medical background as well as a holistic one, Kathie blends the best of both worlds in her practice and teachings

She has taught Reiki at major hospitals in New York City, VA hospital and several nursing schools to many health care professionals.

Kathie’s focus is to make Reiki real so that anyone, any age, can learn and practice this beautiful art.

As a Jikiden Shihan (teacher) she takes students through the Shoden (Beginning) level of Jikiden and deeper into the practice through Okuden classes.

Contact Kathie if interested in attending a class.
Because of COVID classes are scheduled byrequest

Shoden Level 1

Okuden Level 2