Reiki with Rika
Rika Tanaka
Ealing, London, W5 2RF
+44 (0)7876 356 796
English, 日本語
Dai-Shihan (Senior Teacher)

* Reiki Training – Shoden (level1), Okuden (level2), Shihankaku (assistant teacher level)
* Reiki Treatment – Hands-on Reiki for physical/emotional issues, Distance Reiki for physical/emotional issues

Rika is originally from Japan and has now lived in the UK for over 20 years. Her Jikiden Reiki journey began in 2004 when she first learnt with Tadao Yamaguchi – the head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute. Since then she has been working closely with the Institute and Sensei Yamaguchi. In January 2012, She was granted to be one of the very few Jikiden Reiki ‘Dai-Shihan’ grade teachers in the world which gives her permission to instruct Jikiden Reiki students to the assistant teacher level ‘Shihan Kaku’.

She is also a board member of International Jikiden Reiki Association as wells as the representative of the committee of Jikiden Reiki UK Association having passion to connect and support Jikiden Reiki teachers practitioners and students.

Rika is also a full-time holistic therapist with a wide range of skills and, of course, Jikiden Reiki is her speciality.

Rika is a translator for Sensei Yamaguchi’s Jikiden Reiki trainings/workshops and has organised seminars for him for many years in the UK, as well as training with him in Japan. Having grown up in Japan, she has a deep understanding of the concept and culture behind the original Japanese Reiki system, which is hard to find outside of Japan. Rika passes on the original ideas, spirit and methods of authentic Usui Reiki with great clarity.