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Jikiden Reiki with L George
Lorraine George
11368 Portobelo Dr
San Diego CA 92124
In 2009 Lorraine took her first Jikiden Reiki class. She became a Jikiden Reiki Shihan (full teacher) in 2014.

Lorraine has treated private clients for nearly two decades.* She has given reiki in hospitals, volunteering for six years working with oncology and med surge patients. Learning about body systems and disease, she also worked closely with a Traditional Tibetan Physician providing reiki for their shared clients.

She has trained with Frank Arjava Petter (Vice President) and Tadao Yamaguchi (President) of the Jikiden Reiki Institute. Lorraine also served as Arjava’s U.S. seminar organizer in San Diego for seven years.

Owner, Reiki Touch San Diego 2004-2009
Owner, Reiki For Wellness San Diego 2009-2018
Owner, Jikiden Reiki with L George San Diego 2023 to the present

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*introduced to western reiki in 2004; exclusive Jikiden Reiki practice since 2009