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Jikiden Reiki with Laurie
Laurie Susan Chambers
Ventura Executive Suites
701 E Santa Clara St. Suite 19
Ventura, Ca. 93001
1+ (805)712-6090
Hello! ...and Thank you for taking the time to read this. I learned Jikiden Reiki in 2017 and can say with confidence that the effects of treatments given are really quite remarkable. I have been a Labor and Delivery Nurse for 30 years and after learning Jikiden Reiki and subtly adding it to my care, not only did I notice something different with outcomes, but my co-workers did as well. The ability to calm a patient and help them focus is the LEAST of what I have observed. There truly is a defining difference in the support one can give to another after learning this very special art.

This past year I completed the requirements to become Shihan-kaku and traveled to Kyoto to take the training with Tadao Yamaguchi. I feel very excited to be able to pass on this healing art to others, other nurses like myself...perhaps new mothers starting out their family. With all my heart I feel this is an Excellent tool for ALL Medical professionals but especially the Nurses who are at the bedside and have ability for lots of hands on care.