Kasa Rosa Reiki
Sarah Worboys
Francis Farm,
Upper Somerton,
Nr. Bury St. Edmunds,
IP29 4BF.
+44 (0) 1284 789632
Welcome to my Kasa Rosa Reiki page.

My Jikiden Reiki practice offers Jikiden Reiki treatments as well as Shoden and Okuden courses throughout the year.

I will be posting my new courses in February for 2020. I am situated 10 miles south west of the historic town of Bury St. Edmunds in the United Kingdon.

I love this authentic and traditional Reiki and it has helped so many of my clients and my students really love learning it, too.

Where I live and work is in the heart of the Suffolk countryside with Ley Lines Hartmann and Currie Lines crossing through our peaceful Therapy Room.

I am, also, a Colour Therapist and work I work regularly helping animals.

Please check on my website to see what is going on and thank you for reading this.
We have created a grass Labyrith for clients, students and customers who visit our Crystal business, which sells beautiful crystals (There is a link to The Crystal Path from my website).

The Labyrinth creates a wonderful space to walk into the centre to meditate in the beautiful scenery - a place to just ’BE’.