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Jikiden Reiki Training Center at San Diego Reiki with Dr. Maria Danilychev
Dr. Maria Danilychev, MD
4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92121
English, Russian, Italian
Dr. Danilychev is a practicing, board-certified Western Medicine doctor, who is also a Jikiden Reiki Shihan, certified to teach Reiki by the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

Don’t let the doctor’s medical degree intimidate you. Reiki is Reiki, and Dr. Danilychev is teaching the same material as all the other Jikiden Reiki teachers. Dr. Danilychev is simply here to share Reiki knowledge with you, and she can also answer any questions you may have about where Reiki fits in within our modern healthcare and how it can be explained by current medical science, helping bridge the gap between the holistic healing art of Reiki and the Western Medicine approach to health and wellness.

If you have never had Jikiden Reiki and are considering learning it, you can sign up for a free Jikiden Reiki Experience session, so that you know what it feels like before taking the class.

Have questions about Reiki or about Jikiden Reiki practitioner training? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Feel free to call or email any time :)
- Learn how to use Reiki on yourself and to help others
- Small group classes
- Taught by a Medical Doctor
- Experience hands-on practice during each class
- Receive an official Reiki Certification from the Jikiden Reiki Institute upon class completion
- After the training, maintain and grow your Reiki skills by joining us for weekly Koryu-Kai (practice meetings) and monthly Reiju-Kai (practice meetings with Reiju)
- Join our additional classes, where you can learn how to start your own Reiki practice and more


MARCH 2019 with Dr. Maria Danilychev
Shoden - March 2-3
Okuden - March 9-10

MAY 2019 with Frank Arjava Petter
Shoden - May 17-19
Okuden - May 20-21
Shihan-Kaku - May 22-23
Shihan - May 22-24

Learn more and sign up on www.sdreiki.com/classes.html