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The Healing Space
Gabrielle Gietzen
92 Todd’s Island Road
Head St. Margaret’s Bay,
B3Z 2C7, Nova Scotia
001 902 4839111
English, German
Gabrielle is a full time Jikiden Reiki practitioner and teacher, working mostly from her Healing Space located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
She is originally from Germany and moved with her family to Nova Scotia in 1997.
Gabrielle started with Jikiden Reiki training in 2005 in Germany with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi and continued her studies on a yearly basis. Finally in 2012 she was honoured with Dai Shihan level which gives her permission to not only teach Shoden and Okuden but also Shihan kaku level.
Beside teaching at her Healing Space she travels to other locations like Quebec to hold seminars.
She is the organizer for Jikiden Reiki seminars in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, who was together with his mother Chiyoko Yamaguchi the founder of the Jikiden Reiki Institute.
Gabrielle loves giving Jikiden Reiki sessions and also volunteers with Reiki at the Sunshine Room in a Halifax hospital as well as with cancer patients at The Lodge That Gives which is operated by the Canadian Cancer Society. Since April 2019 she also volunteer treatments at the Hospice in Halifax.
For her it’s always amazing how the clients feel more peaceful and calm, thus creating an environment for the body to activate its own healing abilities.
She loves the responsibility of teaching students, so they can live a more peaceful and fulfilling life, including helping others.
She lives more and more according to the Reiki principles (Gokai) to be a good example for her students.

Quote from NPO-IJRA: The family is the basic unit of society.

The Healing Space is open!

We are adhering to the strict COVID-19 protocols to make your future visits safe and stress free.

***> Jikiden Reiki treatments with Gabrielle Gietzen

Reiki sessions are available during the week. Please contact Gabrielle for info on available hours via email: gabriellegietzen@gmail.com or call (902) 483-9111

Jikiden Reiki meetings – practice groups - Reiju Kai

Jikiden Reiki meeting - Reiju Kai Saturdays (10am to 3.30pm)
for Jikiden Reiki practitioners and teachers

February 27, 2021
March 27, 2021

***> Jikiden Reiki meeting - Reiju Kai Wednesdays (10am to 3.30pm)
for Jikiden Reiki practitioners and teachers

February 10, 2021
March 10, 2021

***> Jikiden Reiki training (small classes) at The Healing Space

Jikiden Reiki Seminar – Shoden (10am to 5pm)
First level (beginner level) of Jikiden Reiki at the Healing Space

February 6/7, 2021
March 6/7, 2021

Jikiden Reiki Seminar – Okuden (10am to 4pm)
Second level of Jikiden Reiki at the Healing Space

March 13/14, 2021

Jikiden Reiki Seminar – Shihan kaku (assistant teacher)
Do you feel ready to become Shihan kaku and start teaching? Please contact me
by email: gabriellegietzen@gmail.com for more detailed information.