Shaun Mckeown
Shaun Mckeown
27 Roughley Farm Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, Uk, B75 5TY
I am a Jikiden Reiki Shihan teacher based in Sutton Coldfield, on the north side of Birmingham, UK. I offer Jikdien Reiki treatments and training courses. I am an experienced Reiki practitioner and teacher, helping people with a wide range of issues, with a proven track record of results, a lot of my treatment work is in the area of reducing stress and healing emotional trauma.

In addition to being a teacher in Jikiden Reiki. I have previous experience as a teacher in various Reiki styles, both western and Japanese and approaches to Reiki. I now focus solely on teaching jikiden Reiki.

I hold regular Jikiden Reiki training courses, in the Birmingham area of the Uk. Teaching both Shoden (beginner level) and Okuden (deeper level) courses in the Midlands area UK.

I hold regular events to support students of Jikiden Reiki in the Birmingham and surrounding Midlands area in the Uk, including monthly Reiki shares for Jikiden Reiki students, where you can practice Reiki treatments, receive Reiju as well as receive a group Reiki treatment from myself and other students of Jikiden Reiki. I aslo hold regular Reiki development events where you can receive Reiju and receive coaching as we focus on building your skill, depth and confidence with your Reiki practice.

To find out more about what I do, Jikiden Reiki, or how I can support you, simply visit my website, or get in touch.